About us

Foodnet Zrt.

Foodnet Zrt. is an exclusive distributor of several well-known and high quality brands in food sector such as dairy, cheese products in fresh segment and snacks, muesli in dry segment. List of productscan be found under Brands menu.

The company is owned by a Hungarian investment group and our main profile is: import products, building distribution and brand management. Since the establishment in 2009 our sales increased ~10x and reached 23 million EUR in 2017.


Hungary has unique topographical location that requires great know-how in order to be a successful distributor. Consumer price and shopper trends are continuesly monitored to run acknowledge and profitable venture. Also, only those can reach success who is committed to quality work and keen on extra effort -that is what we do at Foodnet. The knowledge and professionalism of our colleague scan ensure growing business and market leaderbrands.

In order to assure the results, Foodnet Zrt. is contracted partner of all the domestic and international retail chains. We are doing business with several domestic and international manufacturer son both modern and traditional distribution channels as well.

We can offer an end-to-end management of your consumer goods: to manage import and sell the goods directly from our warehouse, to list and deliver them to the chains to create visibility in the stores, to execute brand buliding and marketing strategy to built penetration as well.

Transport the goods to main warehouses or directly stores is possible even within 24 h lead time thanks to our rapid and flexible distribution system.

Contact us:

Telefon: +36 1 4671 724
Fax: +36 1 4671 735
E-mail: info@foodnet.hu