Hungary, just like other countries has special local facilities and circumstances which are essential to know well if you want to achieve business success. To make profit it is essential to follow daily changes in prices and market trends. To fulfil these requirements you have to be alert all the time, and so are we for 15 years.

Don’t you know in which supermarket is worth to sell your product? How much does it take to get in a certain store or what costs of logistic you have to calculate with? Do you know the exact strategy that helps you to build easily the distribution of your products in Hungary? If not, you are right now in the perfect place. We solve your distributional problems.

We represent world-famous brands in many fields of trade in the Hungarian market, we exclusively stand for some leading companies. Foodnet Kft manages all distributional issues of certain consumer’s goods. From our store-houses we sell to wholesale channels, we do all the import, logistics and marketing.

Among products of all currently represented companies you can find fresh and also long-lasting wares. You can find out more of products we distribute in the Products  part of our website.

If you have any further question do not hesitate to contact us.

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